Saturday, February 25, 2017


The sad thing of having lots of elderly neighbours is that at as some point they'll leave us. Sometimes you are prepared, sometimes you are not. George left us just a few weeks ago now, Tim a few days. I didn't have a chance of a last goodbye. George was in a care home but I'd still see Tim out and about. On my way for the home run seeing the back of his head whilst he was watching TV was reassuring enough to know he was ok. I kept saying to myself that I should visit but I didn't get that far. George and Tim used to work together (that I found out at George's funeral) and they had known each other for more than 30 or even 40 years. They saw each other's family grow up and become accomplished, they were good neighbours and they were friends. They both enjoyed hearing my kids' voices when they played and jumped on the trampoline in summer. I'd like to think that they've found each other again and like in their golden years they are having a cheeky pint together, catching up and looking over us, forever.

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